At the North Shore Medical Spa, we treat a variety of conditions that effect the skin, body and conditionsvascular system in order to give you a much happier, healthier overall you. We don’t just treat the symptoms, but the root of the overall problem with individual treatment plans for both men and women.

Although we list some of the most common reasons our patients come in for evaluation, many are just looking for a younger, healthier look and feel to their skin. Accordingly, we offer free consultations with our licensed aestheticians and board certified physicians in order to provide you with a thorough analysis and assessment of your condition and how we can help achieve your goals.

The process begins with the VISIA Complexion Analysis system, the most advanced computerized skin analysis system available today. VISIA’s  in-depth analysis of your individual facial characteristics makes it possible to benefit from rejuvenation and skin care programs. With one snap of the camera we will be able to evaluate your skin condition and recommend an effective treatment plan. In addition, you will be able to meet with our skin care professionals so we can provide you with a thorough evaluation and suggest a customized treatment plan that will fit your needs.

We treat: