Facial veins around your eyes, nose, or anywhere else on your face can be irritating and embarrassing. Fortunately, you can treat facial veins, and reclaim your clear face with help from North Shore Med Spa. Please call the office to make an appointment today.



The face is a very common area for vascular lesions such as spider veins. Common areas for facial veins can include:


Facial veins under your eyes are typically blue and often look like dark circles. Blue veins around the eyes can be especially prominent if you have thin under-eye skin, or if your veins are superficial.


Facial veins around the nose are often tiny threadlike branches on the sides of your nostrils, but they can appear anywhere on your nose.

Facial veins can also appear on your eyelids, cheeks, forehead, temples, and chin.


Dr. Schwartz uses several different facial vein treatments. He customizes your treatment for the type of vein, the area it appears, and your individual needs. Treatment options include:


VeinGogh is an advanced vein treatment solution that uses a process called ohmic thermolysis to treat benign vascular lesions like spider veins. The VeinGogh device uses an ultrathin needle probe to deliver microbursts of high-frequency energy into the unwanted vascular lesions. Microbursts generate heat directly into the blood vessel and then dissipate almost instantly.

This heat burst immediately triggers blood coagulation, which in turn causes the vein wall to collapse. Your body absorbs and eliminates the vein tissue gradually. VeinGogh targets only the unwanted vascular lesions, so your surrounding skin is undamaged.


A photofacial is an intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy that uses multiple light wavelengths. Photofacial is an excellent treatment for facial redness, chronic facial flushing, blushing, rosacea, red scars, and broken capillaries.

A photofacial treatment uses selective photothermolysis, which means it targets benign vascular lesions with a specific filter and setting. Photofacials don’t damage the surrounding skin at all.

During a photofacial, the blood inside the vascular lesion absorbs the light, and then the light turns into heat. This raises the blood temperature and causes controlled injury to the walls of the vascular lesion. Ultimately, a photofacial treatment causes gradual elimination of the vascular lesions as your immune system processes and removes it.


Laser therapy sends a single light wavelength into your spider veins or other benign vascular lesions. Your blood absorbs the light, and the absorption converts that light into heat. Then, the heat selectively damages blood vessel walls and causes the lesion to slowly vanish through immune system function. Laser therapy doesn’t harm the surrounding skin.


Sclerotherapy, in which Dr. Schwartz injects a sclerosing solution into your unwanted veins using thin needles, maybe a good solution for some types of facial veins, such as under-eye blue facial veins. Veins treated with sclerotherapy fade naturally as your body absorbs the vein tissue.

Dr. Schwartz can help you choose the ideal treatment for your facial veins.

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