What Our Patients Say:

  • “Simply put, North Shore Medical Spa does it all! I used to travel all the way to Manhattan thinking the best doctors and aestheticians would be found there; only to find the best Doctor and aesthetician are conveniently located right here in New Hyde Park! Doctor Schwartz is a master when it comes to vein removal and he will work with you until the veins are gone without having to give him your life savings! He truly cares for your well being…” when you look good, you feel good!” And speaking of feeling good, Dr. Schwartz recommended that I do the Dermasweep microdermabrasion for facial rejuvenation…and the results are remarkable! Under the guidance of Diane, the Medical aesthetician, I can truly say that she can take years off your appearance with each Dermasweep treatment. Being a Medical aesthetician, Diane is well qualified to perform specific treatments for specific skin types. I am extremely happy with my newfound face and would highly recommend North Shore Medical Spa for all your medical and aesthetic needs!

    P.S. To all the guys out there: “treat yourself to a little skin pampering at North Shore Medical Spa.., Why should just the girls have all the fun!!”—R.Write


  • “I am so happy with the way my skin has turned around since I have been undergoing the facial rejuvenation treatments. For years I use to be a real beach baby. The fotofacial treatments have turned the sun damage on my face and chest into clearer and younger looking skin. A few weeks ago, my hairdresser, who sees me every few weeks, commented on how smooth and radiant my skin looked. She asked me what make up I was wearing and I told her I didn’t have any on. Even though it is such a long trip for me, as I come in from West Hampton, it is certainly worth it. There is no body out here who can make skin look this good out here.” —B.Rempe


  • “During my skin evaluation/consultation I tried a few products that were prescribed to correct my skin. I was quite astounded to se a difference right away.” —Donna M


  • “When it comes to doing anything to my face I like to do my research. I so appreciate all the time that my aesthetician spent with me at the consultation and explaining every step of the treatment. She really knows what she is talking about.”—Shelly F


  • “I’ve just about tried everything for the uneven tone and dark marks on my skin, so if I was going to start a new process, I really had to research it.  One of the services/locations I came across was North Shore Medical Spa. I read about the Visia skin analysis and I was interested to know how bad my skin really was. So I decided to make an appointment for a consultation, and boy, was I glad I did! Compared to all the consultations I’ve had to date, North Shore has been the most accommodating, friendly, informative, and supportive Med Spa I’ve come across. After my consultation with Diane, I decided to do a series of microdermabrasions. The equipment North Shore Medical Spa uses is not only state-of-the-art, but it is gentle and gets serious results.  I started noticing a big difference in my tone. After the first series, many people came up to me and said that my skin was looking lighter, clearer, and fresh.  I was quite excited about this.  Then family I would see once a year started saying that I looked younger than before.  I felt wonderful!  It gave me the confidence to walk with my head raised high.  Then after a number of series, I asked about the laser hair removal. Within two to three times of undergoing the treatment in these two areas, I figuratively saw hair just falling off.  I am so happy to finally be hair free, that I don’t have to constantly be concerned about shaving or waxing or threading.  I can’t thank Diane enough for the care, skills, encouragement, true sincerity, and professionalism in she has shown in working with me.  I am so happy with the results I’ve gotten and will continue to go to North Shore Medical Spa in the future, and I absolutely recommend their services to anyone.”Seema M. 


  • “If you want to turn back time, North Shore Medical Spa is the place to go! Recently I had sclerotherapy to remove spider and varicose veins by Dr. Mark Schwartz and the results were amazing! He also has a gentle touch when it comes to cosmetic procedures, such as, Botox and fillers. The spa provides the latest facial and laser treatments to repair and restore your skin. My aesthetician provided a facial assessment and a personalized skin care program to meet my needs. The five heavenly medical microdermabrasion facials that she recommended has given my skin a new glow. I highly recommend North Shore Medical Spa the place to go if you want to erase the signs of aging! Kudos to Dr. Mark Schwartz and his professional team for making my experience worthwhile!”—Rachelle S


  • “I have been going to a Dermatolgist for several years to stop my skin from breaking out, that they tell me that it is due to a hormonal condition. I have tried all these different treatments and never saw this kind of improvement in my skin.”—Tracy G


  • “I would like to start off by saying that I have had facials and other spa treatments all over the world, I am a bit of a spa fanatic. Having said that I am very pleased to report that the best facials and laser hair removal treatments are in my own backyard. Diane is the best esthetician I have ever had!! My skin has never looked so good and I have never been happier with the results of my treatments than with Diane. She is an expert at mixing pampering and results. Diane does my laser hair removal and monthly facials but she also gives me tips to keep me glowing between treatments. And the laser hair is never painful but leaves me smooth and hair free ( I HATE SHAVING ). I will be a dedicated North Shore Medical Spa client as long as Diane is there to deliver her top notch treatments.”—Maureen C.


  • “At first I was a little skeptical as to what kind of improvement I would see in my face and then lately I have been getting these really nice complement that I wanted to share with you. One of my former students came to visit me and remarked how, after all these years (he’s 26 years old now) my face still looks the same and recently, my friends have been commenting on how good my skin looks, including my girlfriend who just got a facelift. She said ‘How come you don’t have any wrinkles?’.”—Susan M.


  • “I just wanted to quickly let you know that the healing process is going very well. I am excited to schedule my next appointment with you and Dr. Schwartz and could not thank you enough for your care and compassion throughout this process.”—David A.


  • “I came in for the ultimate facial today and was very pleased with every step of the process. The spa environment was uplifting, and the spa experience was extremely relaxing, with soft new age music gently filling the air, aromatherapy wafting above my head, gently easing my anxiety, and my esthetician’s touch and technique was superb! My skin never looked so glowing, dewy, and super clean! I was so pleased with the results and the Dina’s expertise, that I booked a series of facials with her. She is a tremendous asset to your business, and I look forward to giving positive referrals so others can enjoy the same benefits that I did. Looking forward to my next visit!”—Joyce S.
  • “I have had two areas treated for laser hair removal by The North Shore Medical Spa and I am so pleased with the results. I would definitely consider them for additional hair removal or other services.” — Barbara G.


  • “I noticed an immediate difference with my very first Microdermabrasion treatment. The entire staff is so friendly and professional.”— Lynne H.


  • “Recently I had lost 15 pounds and the cellulite was showing more than ever! My VaserShape treatments helped improve the smoothness of my legs. I’ve seen a vast improvement in my butt and outer thighs. The prices were very reasonable compared to other quotes that I had gotten and the results were amazing.”— Carla C.


  • “I really hated the deep lines around my mouth, which really aged me. A few days after my MicroLaser Peel I noticed that my skin was very tight and not so painful. Although it takes some time to heal it was certainly worth it. After the peeling subsides you can use Mineral Glo make-up to cover up the redness.  While the numbness and tightness takes a while to go away it gets better day-by-day. I knew it would take some time and felt it was getting better as it takes time to heal from the inside and the lines were pretty deep. I am really happy to look in the mirror – the lines are gone now.”— Lillian M.


  • “I really hated the way my butt and thighs felt all jiggly. I tried other methods of body fat reduction but didn’t see any difference. Since doing the Vasershape it’s so much firmer than when I first started and my pants fit better, too. That’s why I signed up for a second area of treatment. I am very happy with the results.”— Karen K.


  • “I had a consult and was impressed with the facility and the recommendations/information I was given. They have a multitude of treatments to help your skin look and feel better.

 I chose a package of Dermasweep Microdermabrasion facials because my skin was starting to look dull and was flaking. My skin felt so much softer.  A few of my friends asked me if I was doing something different. At the following visit I had the Radiesse filler, for the lines along the sides of my nose, done for the first time. I must admit I was a little nervous at first but Dr. Schwartz has a very calming effect and the stuff is really like a miracle. So far, I couldn’t be happier.  

My skin is looking great and I am happy that I have discovered North Shore Medispa to help me age just a little more gracefully.”— Robin A.


  • “The staff at the North Shore Med Spa are fabulous. They are extremely attentive, do professional work, and my skin has never looked better. Diane, in particular is meticulous and such a pleasure to be around. She is a treasure.”Theresa P.


  • “The next day I was a little sore but didn’t notice much. But now after a few days I noticed a huge difference. My stomach looked much flatter and smoother! I’m looking forward to the rest of the VaserShape treatments.” —  Lori M.


  • “I have been to several MedSpas before and by far the North Shore Medical Spa is the best experience I’ve ever had for laser hair removal. I can honestly say painless service with happy service providers. I will recommend them again and again!”Phyllis M.


  • “I have always been happy with the services I get at the North Shore Medical Spa. The staff is friendly and punctual, my appointments are quick and professional, and the technology is painless. I would not go anywhere else!”Tara W.


  • “I had my first VaserShape treatment the other day, and I was so pleased with how comfortable the procedure was. It was like having a soothing, hot rock massage. My bottom feels even firmer a few days later. I am looking forward to my next treatment.” — Rhonda L.


  • “My favorite service that I have received is laser hair removal. I had dark, thick hair on my legs and underarms. After my treatments, which were quick and painless, I can attest to smooth and hairless legs and underarms. Without hair in these areas, I save time every day, which is important to a mother of small children. Dina has been great to work with during this process and I can’t wait to purchase my next package!”Michelle K.


  • “After just 1 one VaserShape treatment on my hips, I noticed that my pants were immediately looser! I had been disappointed with my prior velashape treatments, but was happy I gave this a try” – Marla J.


  • “I have been going to The North Shore Medical Spa for several months now for Botox and laser hair removal. I find the people there incredibly nice, very good people that care about me as a person. Five stars. Great place but greater people.”Cara G.


  • “I was skeptical about cellulite reduction on my thighs after seeing no response after 10 Velashape treatments at a local “laser center”. But after only 3 VaserShape treatments, I saw an amazing response. Finally a cellulite treatment that lived up to all my expectations!” — Judy S.


  • “The staff was great and I felt very comfortable at the spa. I saw an immediate response from my Photofacial that began to clear those awful spots I had on my face from years of sun exposure. I could not recommend the spa more enthusiastically.” — Jill L.


  • “The Botox and Filler treatments were easy and painless. And the price were less than half what I was paying at my local dermatologist’s office.” — Sara K.


  • “After my first treatment at North Shore Medical Spa I saw better results than the five treatments I had at a nationally known clinic.”— Terri C.


  • “Dr. Schwartz’s staff and facility were first rate.The care I received was superb and best of all – painless!”— Karen W.


  • During an extensive search to find a physician qualified to treat my spider veins, Dr. Schwartz’s practice continued to be recommended as the finest on Long Island. It was important for me to find a Board-Certified Vascular Surgeon and The North Shore Vein Center fit the bill. The outstanding results that I got were a testament to the dedicated care I received.”—Cynthia R.