Q: What is VASER Shape?

A: VASER Shape is a non-invasive ultrasound and massage therapy treatment that smoothes, firms and shapes the body. VASER Shape temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite, and increases local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

The treatment uses ultrasound waves to warm the targeted problem area and treat the underlying fatty tissue. It then uses zonal lymphatic massage to drain away excess toxins and lipids for removal from the body.

Q: How does it differ from other non-invasive treatments?

A: Unlike other non-invasive body shaping procedures, VASER Shape is a comfortable massage-like treatment that only requires three to five sessions for noticeable results.

Q: What does non-invasive mean?

A: Non-invasive means no cuts, no incisions, and no surgery. VASER Shape is a non-invasive, non-surgical technique. Non-invasive treatments typically have little-to-no recovery period and few side effects.

Q: How does VASER Shape work?

A: The VASER Shape uses dual head ultrasound to target the unwanted fat directly underneath the skin. The ultrasound waves produce a “cavitational effect” over the tissue to promote fat loss. VASER Shape uses high-frequency sound waves for local heat therapy and zonal massage to drain away excess toxins and fats. Heat therapy warms the treatment area and creates a “micro-massage” effect on the fat cells. Zonal massage works with the lymphatic system to drain away excess toxins and fats, and increase local blood circulation.

Together, these two processes:

  • Smooth and shape the body by temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  • Improve local blood circulation.

Q: What body areas can be treated with VASER Shape?

A: VASER Shape can be used to treat the following areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Love handles
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

Q: What is the advantage of the VASER Shape over diet and exercise alone?

A: The approach is different. With a diet and exercise, you can reduce non-specific weight, which is often appropriate. There are problem areas however that often don’t respond to diet and exercise alone. Even a thousand sit-ups each day won’t target belly fat. Therefore, VASER Shape is the solution. It selectively removes stubborn fat deposits, thus, giving you a better body contour.

Q: What kinds of results can I expect?

A: You can expect a temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Areas treated with VASER Shape appear more smooth and “natural-looking” than before the treatment.The treatment has no unpleasant side effects or after effects. It is effective because the fat reduction is visible, sometimes immediately after a treatment, and it is measurable.

Q: Where is VASER Shape performed?

A: VASER Shape is typically performed in our office by a trained practitioner. VASER Shape does not require anesthesia of any kind.

Q: How do I prepare for the treatments and obtain the best results?

  • Bring water with you and drink ample amounts (1 liter before and 1 liter after) each treatment. The treatment makes you thirsty.
  • Consider purchasing compression garments to wear after your treatment, to cover the treated areas. Spanx are a popular light compression, as well as garments on www.MarenaGroup.com. We can order garments from Marena for you but measurements are needed so please contact us.
  • Exercise as much as possible before and after treatment – if you do not exercise, start with 15 minutes of fast walking per day and increase it by 10 minutes per day. Exercise makes your lymphatic system function better.
  • Consider avoiding alcohol and caffeine, which compete with your liver.

Q: How long is a treatment and how often should they be repeated?

A: One session takes less than 1 hour. The treatments are done approximately once a week for each treatment area. A series of 3-5 treatments are usually recommended depending on the size of the treated area.

Q: How soon will I see my results?

A: While you may see results after the first treatment, patients typically see the most visible results after a regimen of three to five sessions.

Q: Is there a recovery period?

A: No. Following the procedure, you can resume normal activity without pain or downtime. Your skin may appear slightly pink and feel warm after the procedure due to the increased local blood circulation in the area. This should resolve itself within a few hours after the treatment.

Q: Who can undergo this treatment?

A: Mostly any person who is interested in reducing unwanted fat. To insure that you are a suitable candidate, a consultation is required. At The North Shore Medical Spa we don’t charge for consultations. VASER Shape was developed to help men and women who have a desire to reduce body fat. The treatment is not a substitute for regular exercise and healthy eating, or to replace more dramatic surgical procedures.