Facial veins can contribute to an older-looking appearance and interfere with an even complexion and skin tone. Fortunately, facial veins don’t have to be permanent, as they can be effectively treated with one of several minimally invasive procedures.

Here’s more about how these facial vein treatments work and how to request a consultation from North Shore Med Spa on Long Island to discuss available treatment options.

What Are Facial Spider Veins?

Facial spider veins are small clusters of tiny damaged blood vessels that appear on the face. These veins branch out from a center point and have a spider-like appearance. They can be red, blue, or purple in color. Facial veins can develop anywhere on the face but are most commonly seen on the nose and under the eyes.

Spider veins on the face rarely cause symptoms or health issues, though they may cause pain in some individuals. Many people with facial veins who seek treatment do so with the goal of improving their appearance.

Which Treatments Are Offered at North Shore Med Spa?

North Shore Med Spa offers several minimally invasive treatments for facial spider veins. Each treatment can be customized for patients based on factors such as vein type and location.


VeinGogh is an advanced spider vein treatment that uses powerful microbursts of energy to instantly seal and eliminate veins. The high-frequency energy emitted by the VeinGogh machine is delivered directly into spider veins using an ultrathin needle and causes no harm to surrounding tissues. This treatment requires no anesthesia and can often deliver satisfactory results after only one session.


A photofacial is a type of light therapy that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce flushing, rosacea, and facial spider veins. During this treatment, therapeutic light is directed at the face to gently heat the upper layers of skin, stimulating collagen production. This promotes the skin’s natural healing process to gradually reduce facial spider veins.

IPL photofacials cause no downtime and usually produce satisfactory results after about five treatment sessions spaced two to four weeks apart.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy works similarly to photofacials in that it uses light to reduce the appearance of facial spider veins. The main difference between the two therapies is that lasers direct a single concentrated wavelength of light at the face to target specific veins, while photofacials transmit a spectrum of light wavelengths that “pulse” and target the entire face.

The heat transmitted to facial veins during laser therapy damages the blood vessel walls. Over time, the veins will slowly fade and disappear.


Sclerotherapy is an injection treatment that uses a solution called a sclerosant to minimize the appearance of facial veins, particularly those located under the eyes. The sclerosant is injected directly into the veins using a fine needle, which causes the veins to close and seal. Over time, the body absorbs the vein tissues, and the veins gradually fade away.

A vein specialist or phlebologist can recommend the best treatment for facial spider veins based on factors including the size and location of the veins. Vein treatments may also be combined with other aesthetic services to improve the overall appearance of the face.

North Shore Med Spa offers a wide range of facial vein treatments, including IPL photofacials and sclerotherapy. To receive Long Island vein treatment, contact us today at (516) 441-5110 to request a consultation and learn more about our services.